Health Minster of India Dr. Harsh Vardhan supports MedscapeIndia Dr. Sunita Dube's "Doctors Anthem"


In the world today virtually every country has some sort of unique identity. Whether part of another larger group or an independent state, nations always maintain a piece of themselves to separate them from the wider world. However, during the past three hundred years, when a country does gain its freedom or independence, one of the first things established is a national anthem. A national anthem is arguably one of the most important aspects of a country's independent status and it is the umbrella under which the country can rally and be proud. MedscapeIndia Aryan Medical and Educational Trust launched the world’s first Anthem for doctors, called as “Doctors Anthem’ with ‘Doctors Anthem’ MedScapeIndia wants to commemorate and express gratitude, love and care towards the patient & Doctors recognizes the contribution of doctors around the globe for their role in healing, patient safety, medical research and respect for human life and individual dignity. Recently Chairperson of MedscapeIndia Dr. Sunita Dube met Health Minster of India Dr. Harsh Vardhan during her visit in Delhi and discussed health improvement issues in India. Dr. Harsh Vardhan was glad to see such a great contribution by Dr. Dube who has bring an revolution in Doctors field by making first ever Doctors Anthem for Doctors and patient.

Radiologist Dr Sunita Dube said, “I was glad to meet India’s renowned Doctor and Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. He welcomed our doctor’s anthem. He appreciated our work and look forward to support our work in various social causes. He is a exemplary doctor who is committed to bring change in healthcare. He will look upon that Doctors Anthem will get the good light. Let us not dent our image. We should be cautious of our actions and attitudes because our medical is a noble profession I and any unethical practice could ruin the image profession. Medical is only profession where doctors learning till the last breath of their life to upgrade the knowledge for better treatment for their patients. No one can deny medical is toughest study in the world and the contribution of doctors in empowerment in health cannot be ignored be because of few black sheep in our community."

MedscapeIndia requested Dr. Harsh Vardhan to spread the anthem through association, Doctors, clinic to use this anthem as their own theme song and spread positivity through the Medical community, by joining hands we can bring unity and strength in healthcare. MedscapeIndia Looking forward for positive support from government for awareness of Doctors Anthem to rebuilt the relation between Doctors and patients. Dr Sunita Dube is in the profession to moderate the activities of the younger ones to protect the image of what she termed the oldest profession in the country. Aryan Education & Medical Trust -MedscapeIndia has been formed by leading medical professionals and has been tirelessly working for many years to connect the community together and enable easy transference of knowledge and key developments for the welfare of patients. MedscapeIndia is a nonprofit organization and it was established with a socio-scientific aim. They have from 21 specialties as part of our organization. Actively conducted, promoted campaigns, survey that to address the heinous issue for rising sex determination and female foeticide in our country. workshop ,campaign ,annual awards recognizes,encouraging outstanding work doctors , for doctors ,Save the girl child, HIV-Aids awareness, Handwriting Campaign, women empowerment & health awareness, child education & scholarships, empowering technological development for affordable & reachable healthcare in rural India.